Venezuelan Minister Organizes Hospital Outreach

2017-10-11 | 1,083 Views

Thousands of ministers all over the world have recorded outstanding testimonies that bear witness to the impact of the Ministers’ Visitation Program in their lives and ministries. Following their participation in the Program, these ministers have organized multiple outreaches and initiatives in their countries and cities, extending the influence of the Gospel and establishing the Kingdom of God in the hearts of many.

Thus, Apostol Delio Machado from Venezuela has been inspired to have more people partake of the extraordinary grace that is in Jesus Christ, and is eager to help them benefit from his encounter with the man of God – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

As a result, he put together a team of ministers and Christian leaders, and they embarked on a special hospital outreach in the city of Tumeremo, Venezuela. While there, they shared the Word of God with the patients and led many to Christ, and also ministered healing to the sick. All present at this outreach also received free copies of the Healing School Magazine.

Lives have been changed through this outreach, and the Word of God is prevailing in all the nations. Glory to God.

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