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2018-05-19 07:19:27

pastor I thank you for what God as use for

Andre Samuels
2018-04-28 07:46:00

Thank u Pastor

Elizabeth Phiri
2018-04-27 09:53:45

Thank you Pastor Chris for the April edition of healing school, God bless you Pastor.

Emmanuel ikhena
2018-04-26 11:29:57

thank you pastor sir.

Lynda Bacela
2018-04-25 03:13:33

Thank you Pastor Sir.

John levin
2018-04-24 23:23:49

Thank you so much partners may god increase your seeds of righteousness. Pastor sir. God bless you. I love you so much.

2018-04-24 06:52:26

Thank you Pastor Chris God Bless you Amen Halleuljah

Abanda Julius
2018-04-24 06:47:18

Thank pastor sir and partners for bringing this article to us. We are bless having you people on this global at this time.

Sebake Tselampe
2018-04-21 15:36:15

Thank you Lord i am a winner in Christ Jesus

Annastasia Nkomo
2018-04-21 02:50:46

Im an over comer and i know who i am greater is He who is in me

Elizabeth Dupe baba
2018-04-19 15:20:41

Glory be to God

Bro Tafadzwa Chinzambwa
2018-04-19 00:53:57

Glory to God.Supernatural Health every where.

Prince melody
2018-04-17 14:50:37

Glory to God hallelujah

2018-04-17 12:19:50

So powerful

2018-04-16 13:52:03

Glory to God. Its Amazing.

2018-04-12 11:33:13

Praise the Lord

Bro Tafadzwa Chinzambwa
2018-04-09 19:36:24

Waal Thank you pastor for bringing the word of God to me Ina special way.

2018-04-07 13:36:35


2018-04-07 00:04:08

Hallelujah. The word is working mightily in me

2018-04-06 19:58:04

influenced halleluyah

Joshua Brown Agboada
2018-04-06 10:56:09

Thank u pastor Sir for the April edition of the healing school magazine. I am really thankful. Love u Sir

Hallelujah I’m alive praise the Lord the gre
2018-04-05 23:18:25

Thank you sir

2018-04-05 14:40:27

Praise the lord hallelujah

2018-04-05 03:48:01

It was a blessing for me to step on healing I'm so lifted up .thank you sir I love you

2018-04-01 01:28:46

thank u sir ,for the great work you are doing sir blessing and changing lifes,thank you for accepting the call in our time, God bless you sir.sir I don't know if I use the wrong method, I registered since the 1st secession in March but didn't get any responses, n this is the second in this aprail,still no response, am in bed ,I need to attend the healing school this April cessation, thank you, waiting for a response. ?shs d
2018-03-28 22:15:44

Great news!

Magblessed-Pleroma James
2018-03-28 12:53:19

Thank you daddy, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD, For the new loaded April Healing School Magazine. Love you always ??