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Maria Falcao
2021-12-03 20:58:17

Maria Falcao
2021-12-03 20:58:10

Patricia Ruzvidzo
2021-11-14 21:51:07

Beatrice Osei
2021-11-12 09:27:10

Beatrice Osei
2021-11-12 09:26:27

Sis Joy Udenson
2021-11-07 18:33:04

Thank you Pastor sir, am sis Joy Udenson, from christ embassy church benin city, edo state. i was healed of stomach pain. Glory be to God. hallelujah!

Onyinye Muomaife
2021-11-04 08:34:33

Good morning Pastor. I have a testimony Sir. I felt the power of God all over me last night. the first day of the Oct 2021 healing stream, I found myself vomiting but nothing was actually coming out except saliva. I knew it down in my heart that healing has taking place. That devil has gone out of me. The tumor on my 2 chics and in my throat have disappeared. Metastasized thyroid cancer is gone Praise God. Gastritis, stomach ulcer are gone. I am healed Pastor. God has restored my health back and I know it deep in my heart that am totally free from all the sicknesses troubling my body. My joy knows no bound. I am grateful to God and to you Pastor and to all the healing stream partners and to the man of God Pastor Chris. The excruciating pain on my chics, face and neck have all disappeared and is permanent in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Pastor for teaching us the word. I am grateful. May Gods name be praised. Obe stricking things is that I now have peace, no more anxiety . thank you Jesus

hope Ajayi
2021-10-31 22:25:05

Felix Oluwarotimi Oguejiofor is delivered received Salvation. Healed of Asthma, back pain Allergy, addiction. Praise the Lord. Thanks Pastor sir for Healing Streams. Glory Asthma

hope Ajayi
2021-10-31 22:20:51

Praise God my daughter Oluwabukunmi WhitneyHope Oguejiofor is Healed of Fibroid heavybleeding, Skin disease, allergies, thyroid issues, addiction , mood swing. deception cut out.all disease and infirmity cut out in Jesus name. Enjoying Health IJN.Praise the Lord. Thank you Pastor Chris. l love you. God Bless you sir. Glory

Ashake Idris
2021-10-31 17:54:28

Joel blessing
2021-10-31 14:49:45

is ur time ooo

Joel blessing
2021-10-31 14:49:24

today Zion u are going to receive your heal in Jesus name amen

Maxine Hall
2021-10-30 18:16:10

what time does Pastor Chris start praying

2021-10-30 14:40:50

2021-10-30 14:39:41

2021-10-30 14:39:34

Amen God is going to get the glory out of this glory

2021-10-30 14:37:51

2021-10-30 14:37:41

Amen and Amen I know that my is going to get the glory out of this I am ready to receive thank you Jesus

2021-10-30 14:33:34

Scholastica Chima
2021-10-30 05:58:24

2021-10-30 03:37:28

akrolefac Roseline tamokia
2021-10-29 19:48:16

Hilda Yeboah Addie
2021-10-29 19:41:05

Joy Felix
2021-10-29 17:36:19

wow. Am so ready to receive. Glory.

Joy Felix
2021-10-29 17:35:35

Wow. Am so ready to receive. Glory

Joy Felix
2021-10-29 17:34:47

Scholastica Chima
2021-10-29 17:23:22

Scholastica Chima
2021-10-29 17:20:11

Thelma Higgins
2021-10-29 17:14:29


Aloys Ngole
2021-10-29 17:02:55

2021-10-29 16:45:20

Great one