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Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 11:07:52

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 11:07:24

let you mlk

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 11:06:47

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 11:05:32

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 11:05:19

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 11:04:57

ok good

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:52:02

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:51:49

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:51:45


Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:51:19


Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:49:31

mommy llamas loooolppoo

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:49:05


Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:48:16

yes m

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:47:38


Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:46:58

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:46:51

Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:46:31


Grace Chukwudinma
2022-02-09 10:46:04

yes moloch

Angela van Heerden
2022-02-09 01:12:55

Thank you for the Healing school magazine

ruth bühler
2022-02-08 15:53:13

ruth bühler
2022-02-08 15:03:22

Ifeatu. Nwachukwu
2022-02-08 12:57:39

I thank you pastor Chris sir for saying yes to Our Lord Jesus Christ Thus the manifestation s of the miracles we experience on the Earth now . Pastor sir , I see the healing to the Nation's magazine , Our Faith spreading to the Nation's as powerful as the our Ministry Angel ( Rhapsody of Realities) ,. Therefore sir. let us spread it in our Reach out world as we Spread and distribute Rhapsody, Both sick and Healthy must have a copy , 7 Billion people allover the world . love you pastor sir , I love you Director of the Healing school ma . I am sis Ifeatu Nwachukwu of CE Imo state , Owerri 2 Thank you pastor sir I am highly inspired by the Magazine

Justice Kwegyir-Aggrey
2022-02-05 05:13:23

2022-02-04 21:27:43

Thank you sir I love you so so much

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 11:03:12

I have a son that needs prayer he’s fighting cancer cancer has spread all over his body the doctors are giving him radiation treatment because it’s a move into his brain. The prognosis or without a miracle he would not make it. his name is Andrew McDowell he is a believer I also believe that he will receive a miracle by the power of the Holy Spirit I have a daughter that has COVID-19 her name is Taima McDowell and she needs a miracle because she’s very weak and only God can heal her. I am their father and I am requesting prayer for my children and I believe that the Lord will perform a miracle ridding their bodies from the demons that are trying to destroy them. OK thank you Pastor Chris for the work that you have done and for many years are used to pray that you and Binnie Hinn would meet and I am so happy that you to ever come together please pray for my children before I don’t want to bury them they should be very me. I am 88 years old still going on with the LORD, I am believing that it’s his will that they’ll be healed al

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 10:48:08

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 10:48:03

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 10:47:55

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 10:47:47

I’m am requesting prayer for my adult son and daughter. my son Andrew is fighting cancer which has spread all over his body. The doctors have started radiation treatment because they found cancer in his brain they prognosis is that he needs a miracle to be free of this cancer.

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 10:37:02

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 10:36:51

Harold McDowell
2022-02-03 10:36:36

Catherine Modeste
2022-01-30 14:21:29

Pray for my love one family relatives and me etc Thank you God bless protect you all and your families

ruth bühler
2022-01-16 13:40:42

2022-01-12 14:07:44

Carmen Groot- Welles
2021-12-29 04:08:02

Frank Asonye
2021-12-26 15:09:47

Labah Daniel
2021-12-07 16:14:27

With grateful heart.

Labah Daniel
2021-12-07 16:13:50

Pray for me that the Lord renew my strength as the youth, embrace me with favor.

2021-12-05 09:37:19

I’m paralysed duE to carbon monoxide poisoning please pray for me so that I can be healed

2021-12-05 07:16:43

connect to www.healingstreams.tv - answer to Mr BAllah Mac Taweh

2021-12-05 07:15:05

Answer to BAllah Mac Taweh - you can connect on www.healingstreams.tv

2021-12-01 10:35:22

Thak your Pastor Sir may God continue to use for is honour and is glory amen

everlena moore
2021-11-30 01:55:37

Nacanieli Labalaba
2021-11-19 07:26:59

dahlia McDonald
2021-11-19 04:21:03

thank you pastor Chris for these health confessions they are very powerful hallelujah

bro sunday James
2021-11-18 17:58:12

Charles Iheme
2021-11-18 07:34:01

Margaret Iziren
2021-11-16 22:46:46

we're the righteousness of God. There's no place for infirmity in our bodies IJN AMEN

Ballah Mac Taweh
2021-11-15 16:12:14

Ballah Mac Taweh
2021-11-15 15:58:13

Ballah Mac Taweh
2021-11-15 15:57:37

pls direct me how to connect with healing streams in addition to is scheduled time s It's Mr Ballah Mac Taweh in Liberia.

Meredani Ratutiko
2021-11-15 13:07:44

Thank you team healing to the Nations Magazine. This enables me to reach out to my friends around the world. Thank you Pastor Christ for the Powerful Word. I love you Sir and I pray that God will keep on blessing you in amazing ways.

celine B
2021-11-10 07:38:24


Cyriaque Okambawa
2021-11-10 03:47:27

Peters udom
2021-11-08 20:54:28

Sarah Kotey
2021-11-08 19:17:30

2021-11-07 01:31:41

Glory to God

Lovemore Nehanda
2021-11-05 17:08:02

Thank you Pastor Sir for the Healing to the Nations magazine. I am truly blessed. Hallelujah!

John Balogun
2021-11-05 16:03:29


Sarah Kotey
2021-11-05 14:44:33

Elizabeth Moyo
2021-11-05 07:12:08

Alice Beatrice Machingambi
2021-11-05 06:03:29

Jacqueline Sacco
2021-11-04 15:25:58

Adeola Odunsi
2021-11-03 20:05:24

Yvonne Shellie
2021-11-03 12:41:39

Glory, Hallelujah!

2021-11-03 10:20:35

Where I live, nobody says 'I am sick' because Divine HEALTH is EMBEDDED in the Everlasting life that we ENJOY

Connie Ontefetse
2021-11-02 22:43:17

Thank you Lord for touching the world through our dear Man of God Pastor Chris in the atmosphere of their homes.Halelujah!!i

Rosalia Khali Hammond
2021-11-02 19:41:21

Jesus is the Lord

2021-11-02 13:39:23

Explosive beauty! Hallelujah!

Nombuso Makosi
2021-11-02 10:10:38

Thank you man of God pastor Chris

Labah Daniel
2021-11-02 05:44:55

Yvonne Shellie
2021-11-02 00:52:03

Yvonne Shellie
2021-11-02 00:51:53

Bless the Lord, for all his benefits, that He loads me with daily.Amen

kate Charles
2021-11-01 23:04:32