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moiraj kanoyangwa
2024-06-17 22:10:11

Flora Edemode Oyakhilome
2024-06-03 00:25:15

Thank YOU LORD Jesus Christ, am Alive am whole from cancer IJCMN.

Flora Edemode Oyakhilome
2024-06-03 00:23:00

Yes, I live in Divine Health and Perfect Health of Mind and Body IJCMN, Amen

Flora Edemode Oyakhilome
2024-06-03 00:14:47

I receive this Divine Health now and always, IJCMN, Amen

Agidi Christiana
2024-05-21 15:00:05

I have life in it's fullest amen

cecilia Amaniampong
2024-04-30 15:02:14

Thank you Lord Jesus. Please pray for my son Justice Adusei. He is suffering from hepatitis b.

Josephine Nhliziyo
2024-04-25 13:21:39

My life has changed a lot since I was introduced to Christ Embasy. Glory to God. Hallelujah. May you please pray for my daughter in law Cathrine Nhliziyo, who has a headache, back pain and pain in her legs.

Omai Christopher
2024-04-23 06:36:19

Thank you Lord Jesus for saving my soul

Kathleen Tibon
2024-04-20 06:52:44

please pray for me and my daughter name Bana Abner we have sickness of hepatitis b and pray for Berak Hauk to stop taking drugs and stop drinking alcohol and pray for all my family

Toluwalase B. Emmanuel
2024-04-15 09:58:29

Glory to God!

Toluwalase B. Emmanuel
2024-04-15 09:58:11

Gloray to God

Ihonre Innocent Odigie
2024-04-14 05:03:46


Guasconi Ogiemudia Damilola Deborah
2024-04-11 19:44:43

Amen ???? ???? ????