The Healing School Cyber Church

The Healing School Cyber Church is an online community specially designed for you to help grow your faith in God through our highly inspiring and interactive online meetings which holds weekly.
The Cyber Church avails you the opportunity to be taught the word of God by the man of God, Pastor Chris, interact with other people, invite your loved ones and also win souls to the Kingdom of God.


The Healing School Cyber Church holds online services every Sunday. During this period, members of the Cyber Church connect to live services through their devices where ever they are. The Cyber Church brings the divine presence of God directly to your palm, home, office at any location.

Time & Location

Our Sunday morning services are between 17:00 GMT +1. Other services, meetings and trainings will be communicated on our events page. Please frequently visit the events page for updates on our upcoming events

Join the Foundation School

Enrol and study at your own pace in our special foundation school program where you will be progressively taught the doctrines of the gospel of Christ, according to Believer’s LoveWorld.

Ministry Resources

Acquaint yourself with essential ministry resources by Pastor Chris ranging from audios, to videos and publications (both in print and e-Formats) including the world's #1 best-selling daily devotional, 'Rhapsody of Realities.' Click here to attend service


To be part of the Healing School Cyber Church, simply register as a member by clicking on the the register button and complete a simply signup form, Once this step is complete, please login and update your profile to become a become a verified member.
All members of the Healing School Cyber Church are granted access to Christian Study Materials (videos, podcast, magazines). Also you will be able able to attend live online services and trainings.
A Cell Group of like-minded Christians in your locale, age group or profession to help your spiritual growth and development. These groups also have scheduled meetings weekly.

Follow Pastor Chris

Join the global army of millions making global changes as they pray together with Pastor Chris at the same time for the same purpose.

Ask Questions

Ask and receive answers to your questions on topics which cut across different areas of Christianity such as Christian living, faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit, sin, righteousness, etc.