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Having been healed and perfectly restored by the power of God, Healing School ambassadors all over the world are an extension of God’s divine healing presence to many in their world, impacting them with God’s Word and inspiring them with their testimonies.

Ambassadors in Zambia organized a radio outreach from United Radio Studio, reaching over 500,000 listeners. During the talk show broadcast, they shared the good news encapsulated in the Healing to the Nations magazine. The live show, which was a phone-in program had enthused listeners from different parts of the nation. The ambassadors went from page to page, using the insightful content of the August edition of the Healing to the Nations Magazine to inspire their audience with the message of healing and divine health communicated therein.

The ambassadors took turns to share their unforgettable accounts of transformation at the Healing School, having received healing from the sickness that held them bound when the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to them. Free to live a glorious life now, they are committed to spreading healing in accordance with the grace that they have received. It was indeed a delightful day for the organizer and listeners alike. Callers who participated in the show called in to appreciate the ambassadors for enlightening their hearts and they attested that it was indeed an insightful and educative session. Hallelujah!

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