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Madeleine Akue from the United Kingdom shares: "The Healing to the Nations magazine has been an anchor to my faith for divine health. I've consciously developed a culture of getting my daily dose of inspiration from it. It's also my go-to material for healing testimonies. The magazine is power-packed and it's inspiring!"

"I've been a distributor of the Healing to the Nations magazine and I also developed a strategic group where we study it. On one occasion, we took a session to study the magazine from cover to cover. It was an enlightening time for the participants. We also affirmed the Faith's Proclamations. However, some hours later, I felt my body temperature change, my body became unbearably hot while I felt cold at the same time. Suddenly, I remembered the confession we took earlier, I went back to it and started to charge up my spirit with those words. The louder I spoke, the better I got. After a little while, I was perfectly normal. I thank God for the Healing to the Nations magazine. It was the healing hand of God to me at the time I needed it. Glory to God!" exudes Perfect Donatus from Nigeria.

Manifest Nworuh from Nigeria testifies: "My sister was very down with high fever to the extent that she couldn't stand and do anything without assistance. She got a copy of the Healing to the Nations magazine. As she read the testimonies and the confessions, faith welled up inside her. Then she spoke to her own body, commanding it to conform to the life of God in her. Suddenly, she literally jumped up the chair where she laid, declaring her healing. Those words were fulfilled in her body as she became completely free from all symptoms!"

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