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Pastor Cyril Siringwani of Home of Salvation Ministry is a passionate member of the Healing School Partnering Ministries whose evangelical efforts have transformed many lives in Zimbabwe. Through attending the life-changing Healing School of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, he received divine inspiration and impartation. Since then, Pastor Cyril has been on the move to reach more people in Zimbabwe with the Gospel of Christ.

Amongst many of his works was a mission trip to Bromley, a small town located 50 kilometers from Harare, along the Mutare Road, Zimbabwe. The aim of this outreach was to map out the community in order to spread the Gospel to those in the area. He went with his team, who also ministered God's Word to those who came in contact with them.

The people received them gladly and were excited about their plans to establish a meeting place for fellowship and communion with God. The team shared the Healing to the Nations Magazine with everyone, and they all departed with joy.

Pastor Cyril says, "I am grateful to God and Pastor Chris for this exceptional opportunity to impact Zimbabwe with the Gospel." Praise God!

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