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The Healing to the Nations Magazine is blessing lives all over the world. It’s a witness in every nation of the healing and saving power of Christ, and as a result of the distribution and use of the Magazine, millions have come to the knowledge of healing and divine health according to God’s Word.

In California, USA, members of the Healing School Partnering Ministries, organized an outing to neighbourhoods, spreading faith, hope, and love to all those they came in contact with. The special outreach impacted beneficiaries as many of them received the Healing to the Nations Magazine for the first time. The ministers inspired the listeners, equipping them with the truth of God’s Word and proven strategies for healing and divine health as they shared excerpts from Healing to the Nations Magazine, and also led them in Faith’s Proclamations. The outing ministered specially to the individuals, resulting in 20 new converts into the Kingdom.

Furthermore, the ministers prayed for everyone in need of healing in their bodies, and the power of God produced their desired miracles. With the inspirations received by the people, some excitedly committed to also reach those in their sphere of contact with the Gospel of Christ through the Magazine. What a glorious impact the Healing to the Nations Magazine is making around the world! Praise God!
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