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It was a glorious festival of signs and wonders at the March Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. The life-transforming program ushered in new seasons of grace and celebration, with extraordinary testimonies from all over the world.

Elizabeth Moldlovan from the United Kingdom shares: "For nine long years, I suffered from thyroid disease. Devastatingly, it brought a litany of pain and weakness to my body. Always, I experienced symptoms such as muscle aches, difficulty with breathing, constipation, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, amongst other symptoms.
During the Live Healing Services, as Pastor Chris ministered, I felt the power of God so strongly and I knew right away that I had received my healing. Ever since, my health has improved drastically; I have gotten stronger and better; my breathing is normal, and all the symptoms are gone. I'm even registered in a gym now. I am so grateful to Pastor Chris for providing such a unique platform to demonstrate the love of God, thank you so much, Pastor, I love you, sir."

Beatrice Sabah from the Netherlands testifies: "I am 10 years old. I was diagnosed with autoimmune system disease. The sickness affected my body’s vital organs and my blood, and I got easily tired. Whenever I ran, I felt pain in my heart, hands, and feet. During the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, Pastor Chris prayed for me, and I felt the power of God flow through me, then I knew the Lord had healed me. I was so happy and grateful to God, jumping in excitement and thanking the Lord. Now, I don't get tired as before, I can do things normally. Hallelujah!"

Ganga Harshani from India shares: "The Lord changed my life through the Live Healing Services. Before the program, I had difficulty with breathing and I was mostly exhausted. During the ministration in one of the days of the program, as Pastor Chris put his hand on the television screen and ministered to the sick, I placed my hand on the TV to make a contact. Miraculously, I was touched by the healing power of God, hallelujah! I am well and strong now. Since then, I have been walking and working without any feeling of tiredness. I am completely healed now! All glory to God! I am also thankful to the man of God, Pastor Chris."

The impacts and blessings of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services will continue to resound all over the earth. To be a part of the upcoming edition, please subscribe to our weekly newsletter for updates.


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