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Friday May 13 to Saturday May 14, 2022, was a weekend of divine inspiration, healing, and testimonies as billions of people from around the world gathered in physical and virtual centers to participate in the second edition of the Healing to the Nations Live; a program specially geared towards celebrating the impact of the healing to the nations mandate of the Healing School.

Following the glorious opening moments from the Loveworld Singers, the Director of the Healing School, esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips, stirred faith in the global congregation, enjoining them to participate in every segment of the event: “We have a beautiful banquet for you. Not only will you experience the healing virtue, but also are there many virtues available in this program. You are going to learn in the next 24 hours how you will participate in God’s passion. I enjoin you to be a part of God’s passion. He is so passionate about taking healing to the nations. Jesus did it and we are doing it”.

Joining the esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips was a panel of senior ministers who discussed vehemently the Healing School and its multi-faced platforms, as well as various opportunities for joining the workforce in fulfilling the vision of the Healing School. In this segment, the global audience gained insights on how to be an effective minister of the Gospel in their nations by partnering with all that the Lord is doing through the Healing School.

Pastor Joy Amenkhienan charged, “Every sick person healed is our vision. Here at this program, we are celebrating the healing to the nation’s mandate which is a fulfillment of God's love for mankind. Today, you're going to be an ambassador of the mandate. You are one of the great publishers”.

Reading from Luke Chapter 8, Pastor Tony Aduroja showed the origin of partnership, narrating the story of the women who traveled with Jesus and supported His ministry from their personal finances. “Did you know that the Healing School runs free clinics? These are the things that you want to become a part of.” img src="https://enterthehealingschool.org/images/httn4.jpeg"

Pastor Joseph Kay shared his inspiration for partnering with the Healing School: “The grace upon Pastor Chris is for every single person in this world. The Lord gave the Word; great was the company of those that published it. My own father got healed at the Healing School. He was healed of stroke, and so it's very personal to me. I'm a witness to the grace of God, and so I'm commanded to be a part of the miracle. I am excited to be a part of this mandate, and every one of us is invited to be a part of it as well.
In a segment anchored by the esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, it was a time to relive mind-blowing testimonies of people who experienced the healing power of God in past editions of the Healing School sessions and Healing Streams programs, some of which went as far back as 10 years ago. Notable amongst the testimonies is that of Tiwonge Nyondo.

From childhood, Tiwonge suffered from pneumonia and other health conditions such as postural scoliosis and neuropathic pain. These conditions left her with a terrible pain in her back region forcing her to always be in a lying position because she had difficulties sitting, walking, and standing upright. Tiwonge found the Healing School in this state, and that was where her story changed. Many years later, Tiwonge is living in health, and she is a strong and vibrant young lady. img src="https://enterthehealingschool.org/images/httn2.jpeg"

The program also featured sessions of teaching and exhortation from ministers of the Gospel. Exhorting the global audience, Pastor Biodun Lawal charged, “Your partnership is a vehicle for bringing healing to your world. When you're a partner, your money can be sent on errands to accomplish things for you.

Resulting from the enthralling testimonies already witnessed during the course of the program, many around the world connected their faith by taking immediate actions as stakeholders in the vision of the Healing School. More and more testimonies were recorded, confirming the words of prophecy and the impartation of grace at the spur of the moment.

At the close of the program, it already clocked 24 hours of insightful teachings, the celebration of our amazing grace and impact with the Gospel of Christ through the healing ministry of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris, to the ends of the earth. Everyone who participated has been a part of the new dispensation of grace for higher accomplishment and fulfillment of the vision – the number one mandate from God, which is to take healing to the nations. Praise God!

To be a part of the next Healing School program, please visit: www.healingstreams.tv to get exclusive updates.


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