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The much anticipated November 2022 Healing Streams Live Healing Services is closer than ever! Expectations are high, mega publicity has been ongoing.

The days leading up to this global event have been extraordinary, as many prayerfully prepared through the Pray-A-Thon 720 and One Million Prayer Clouds; saturating the atmosphere with words of prophecy, blessings, and prayers for the sick.

How ready are you for this epochal event? This is the final Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris in the year 2022 and the Lord has a treasury for everyone who participates.

Are you ready to receive God’s special miracle for you? Maybe you’ve been trusting Him for a new job or house, now is the time! The doctors may have given you or someone you know a not-so-pleasant report, this is a chance to receive a new diagnosis of divine health!

From Friday 4 – Saturday 5, November 2022, at 3 p.m. (GMT+1) daily, the Healing Streams Live Healing Services will hit the airwaves.

To participate: Register @ www.healingstreams.tv/LHS   Visit www.healingstreams.tv both days as it will be streamed on the Healing Streams TV and Healing School mobile app. You can also invite your friends and family to participate or have people participate with you. Remember to be enthralled during every segment of the Live Healing Services; indulging in every segment of the program: praying, worshipping, lifting up your hands, yielding to the direction of the Holy Spirit, and paying rapt attention to the Word.

For the few hours the services would be streamed, endeavor to avoid every distraction as your miracle can come at any point, or time.

As you prepare to receive your special miracle, have in mind that Jesus loves you and wants you well. His power will be present to make all things possible unto you. His Name has all authority. Your miracle is sure!

When you receive that miracle, be excited to share it immediately. The first step towards keeping your miracle is sharing it as a testimony. Just like Kalyan Ramachandra who took the step of faith and shared his testimony.

This 70-year-old from India has a beautiful story of extraordinary deliverance from pain and discomfort. For years, he had managed heart disease with medications and appropriate diets. But his symptoms escalated one day and he had to rush to the hospital.

“When they tested me, they found blockages in my coronary arteries and told me I would need a stent,” he explains.

A surgery was done in short order and Kalyan was optimistic that he would make a full recovery and return to his life. But this was not the case, as his condition went downhill fast. He lost weight and his ability to balance, and he suffered from constant pain, especially in the neck. These symptoms were new and bewildering, and soon, Kalyan was crying out for a miracle. That was when he heard about the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris slated for July 2022. When the Live Healing Services commenced, Kalyan was participating from his home, bursting with anticipation. He was just waiting for that moment when Pastor Chris would release the Word.

That moment eventually came and the man of God called out his name and rebuked the spirit of infirmity. “I felt lightning go through my body, and I knew then that I had received a new heart,” he recounts. “All the pain in my body was gone; I removed the neck brace I’d been wearing, and I was free and healed,” he testifies.

There’s a special platform waiting for your testimony: https://healingstreams.tv/share-testimony.php.

Get ready to also testify and be celebrated during the Healing Streams Festival of Miracles which holds from Monday, 7 to Sunday, 20 November 2022. This is a glamourous festival where testifiers who received miracles during the Healing Streams Live Healing Services call in live or come on set to testify of God’s goodness.

Your expectations shall be surpassed! It’s time to receive God’s special miracle for you!


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