To give your partnership seed via KingsPay, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Download the KingsChat app on the Google play or Apple store (https://www.kingsch.at/h/)

2. Launch your KingsChat app

3. Locate and click on ‘KingsPay’ under the Settings tab

4. Type the amount you want to give 

5. Choose your currency:
FOR NIGERIA - NGN’ for Naira payment (Type your recipient code - ‘HSCH1’)
FOR INTERNATIONAL - Select your preferred currency (Type your recipient code - ‘HSCH2’)

6. Type a description for your payment – e.g. Healing School Session Sponsorship, Healing School Missions, Healing School Media/TV, Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Partnership e.t.c

7. Add your Credit/Debit card details or Select your card (Master/Visa/Velve)

8. Confirm the payment and click on PAY

Thank you for remitting a pledge. If you are unable to make your donation at present, please send an e-mail to admin@enterthehealingschool.org
Or Call: +1 416 747 7979; +27 11 326 2467; +234 808 027 2995