The Healing School Online Prayer Conference is a program designed for partners of the ministry and Christians globally to pray concerning the upcoming 2020 Healing School Autumn Session, and for the healing of the sick around the world.
Date: 19th - 21st February 2020.


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Mr. Joel from United Arab Emirates

My expectations for this prayer conference is that through this conference by our mighty man of God many souls around the world will receive salvation and healings from all forms of infirmities . This will be the morning of their lives . Gloryyyyy.

Mrs. Isatu Fatmata from United Kingdom

By the Spirit of God diverse miracles signs and wonders such like have never been seen or heard of. Sinners to be convicted and saved. Deliverance and restoration and divine and instant solutions to stubborn situations and circumstances that will cause the heathens to affirm the power of the Cross in Jesus Christ name

Pastor Osamede from United States

Great manifestations of the healing power of God

Ms. Sharon Nyasha from Germany

As the words are released and fulfilled an overflow of miracles, answered prayers and solutions will be witnessed. Through this prayer conference many will receive miracles in every aspect of their lives.

Mr. Ephraim from United Kingdom

A total healing of world at large and the African continent in particular from political, economic and other forms of slavery imposed by stronger nations, that is leading to the massacre of children, women and vulnerable people.

Mr. NGWAINMBI from Cameroon

Uncommon miracles will be wroth and all expectations shall me met by the power of the holy ghost.

Mrs. Chinyere from United Kingdom

I'm expecting the miraculous in a way we have never seen before. Divers Healing all over the world throughout the days of the Conference and even long after. Testimonies of the supernatural will be pouring in everyday.

Mrs. Esther from Nigeria

That every student that enters the arena will receive perfect healing not just for their bodies but for every areas of their lives

Mr. Dominic from Ghana

The presence of the Holy Ghost would be present to heal not only them who attended but also all around the world them that need healing in their bodies.