My Partnership & Me

My name is Sister Paula Abhuluimen and my son is Joel Abhuluimen. As a child, my son was very sickly and was always on admission, at least twice in a month. This affected my job, and my branch manager got tired of the issue. I began to go from the hospital to my workplace, even the drycleaner had to drop my suits at the hospital instead of my house. We were referred to several hospitals in Lagos, but the boy was still very ill.

Our miracle came when my son partnered with the Healing School for the Canada session; when it was launched in 2012. Joel is now 8 years old, and in the past years, he has not and will never be admitted in a hospital again. Ever since he became a partner with the Healing School, he has been living a healthy and very vibrant life.

Partnership with the Healing School has indeed brought about my family’s healing and health.

- Sister Paula Abhuluimen

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