My Partnership & Me

In 2016, I had a growth in my throat; I could not swallow anything and I was in a lot of pain. This led me to the hospital where the diagnosis showed that the growth in my throat was cancerous. At this point, the devil began to remind me of a colleague that just passed on as a result of cancer and I heard voices telling me I was next.

I discussed this with my Pastor who reminded me that I am a Healing School partner and I knew at that point, all I could do was to hold on to my seeds because I was not ready to give the devil a chance in my life. Rather than go to the hospital for surgery, I decided to give towards the Healing School and I kept declaring my healing and divine health, confessing that I am a partner with the Healing School and cannot be held bound by cancer or any infirmity.

A few weeks later, the growth went off my throat, I tried to swallow and there was no more pain. The growth was gone and it has never returned.

I know that my healing was as a result of my precious seed to the Healing School. Glory to God! It pays to partner with the Healing School.

- Sister Becky Stephens

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