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With such a celestial first session that transcended all airs of expectancies, you could count on the grand finale being peculiar. While concluding the service on the first day, Pastor Chris said, “I have some very important things to tell you tomorrow, things that will really help you and you would need the information. Nobody would probably tell you such things, but I’m going to tell you; by the Spirit of God.”

The service began at 2:30 p.m. (GMT+1), with sublime worship led by the nonpareil Loveworld Singers. All around the world, many poured out their hearts as they sang to the Lord.

Opening the service, the director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips, led the people in prayers of thanksgiving for the mighty things the Lord had done the previous day. She was stirred to prophesy, “I tell you, anything is possible today. Don’t fear. Don’t worry. Don’t be concerned. The peace of God, the life of God, and the light of God are coming to you in your home. You will not be the same again. You are next in line. Get ready to shout!”

A worship segment followed, hereafter, Pastor Deola was joined on set by the esteemed Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, a senior minister at the Healing School. They shared on the impact and greatness of Day 1 of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services.

Reverend Tom read out a number of testimonies from different countries. Maria was one of those whose divine encounters were read out. She was healed of anorexia, bulimia, depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. She said she felt the cloud of darkness lift off her as the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered to her during the session. She's been filled with joy ever since.

What a testimony! In concluding the segment, he declared thus, ”Don’t give up. The sickness will be the one to give up today! Your condition will change and you will live a normal life again. Prepare to testify!”

The service continued on to the big screen, where the esteemed Reverend Ray Okocha, another senior minister at the Healing School, hosted live chats with participants in Colombia, Japan, and Thailand.

These ones were so enthusiastic and overflowing with testimonies from their viewing centers. One of these was a lady in Colombia with kidney stones and spine fractures, which caused her to live with unbearable pains. As Pastor Chris prayed, she was completely healed of her kidney and her spine. Prior to this time, she couldn’t walk, stand straight or move her fingers, now she’s completely healed! She felt completely new.

Reverend Ray urged the participants to share their testimonies, as this would result in receiving wholeness. He referenced the miracle of the woman with the issue of blood, who Jesus declared whole after she indicated she had touched Him and received her healing. He said, “Send your testimony today so that wholeness will come into your life having received your miracle.”

Another exulting session of worship followed before live testifiers in the studio and callers shared their testimonies on a special segment with the esteemed Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase, a senior minister at the Healing School. There were numerous accounts of the magnificent shared.

Sophie Mtetwa had been bound to a wheelchair for 10 years, following a terrible accident that resulted in a functional neurological disorder. Her moment of the supernatural came during the July 2022 Live Healing Services, where she was made whole. Sophie was able to walk, stand, and bend over and she demonstrated all this as she testified!

Another touching testimony was that of four-year-old Celebrate Uteko, whose life was a tough struggle as he suffered from Hirschsprung's Disease, a congenital intestinal disorder, that was characterized by the absence of nerve cells in parts of the large intestines, resulting in extreme difficulty in passing stool. This ordeal started when he was five months old, robbing him of his infancy.

In June 2022, they were introduced to the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, which led to his significant turnaround. Pastor Chris ministered to young Celebrate during the July Live Healing Services and everything changed. Celebrate’s health is now excellent!

To people all over the world who needed healing, Evang. Dr. Eddy said, “Your moment has come. This is your time, this is your hour, and your miracle is now. Go for your miracle. Congratulations to you!”

Pastor Chris arrived as the Loveworld Singers led in praise sessions. He proceeded to teach about Jesus and the gifts He brought for all. Reading from the Scriptures, he showed that Jesus Christ came to give life; eternal life, and without Him, one would be living out of God’s plan. He expressed that there is no salvation elsewhere and this salvation introduces a life of righteousness. He led those yet to receive Jesus Christ in the prayer of salvation as this is the evidence that they belong to Christ; being born again.

He advised the congregation to attend church services, urging them to put away every feeling of shame as regards attending church and serve Jesus Christ in truth.

The day’s teachings were definitely special, as Pastor Chris went on to share three crucial things:

Drinking water was the first. He said, “Did you know that if you would just drink water, many drugs you take would not be necessary? A lot of sicknesses that people have is simply because they don’t drink enough water. Drink water regularly. It will help in your system. If you would drink water, you would hardly be sick.”

Excellent toilet habit was another thing he shared with the congregation. Pastor Chris encouraged people to be patient in the toilet. He explained the importance of using the toilet frequently and how noncompliance to this can lead to hemorrhoids and piles. He said, “Don’t be in a hurry when you’re in the toilet. Remain there until something comes out. If you leave that for another day, it will be worse.”

Finally, he spoke about evil spirits, “There are many things that are happening in this world that are caused by evil spirits, demons. “He referenced the Words of Jesus in Luke 10:17 where the signs following those that believe in the Name of Jesus are mentioned, the first being: “In my Name, they shall cast out demons. These demons frustrate people, cause sickness and diseases, and lure people into evil and wicked things.

“Praise God! There is a solution! Through the Holy Spirit, you can cast out demons. If you let the Word of God gain mastery in your life, you will live above demons and their influences and you will stop them from influencing your life” Pastor Chris emphasized.

The moment had come, it was a destined date for the miraculous as the Loveworld Singers led in heartfelt worship, and Pastor Chris ministered to those in the studio, on the screen, and people everywhere.

As expected, demons fled, and evil spirits checked out never to return. The excitement was glamorous, as many leaped, jumped, and somersaulted in celebration of their healing. The Lord did mighty things!

Jermina in the Netherlands had breast lumps which immediately disappeared in the course of the service. A nurse in Canada received healing in her knees. All the way in Sweden, a young boy’s incessant cough stopped as the program started. From Kenya, Roy’s left ear popped open after 16 years of hearing loss. Virginia in the Philippines was lame, deaf, and blind; she can now walk, see, and hear!

To crown it all, a young man in Ghana was raised to life! His sister connected to the Healing Streams Live Healing Services expecting a miracle, and within 20 minutes of participation, he was back to life!

This celebration continues from Monday, November 7 to Sunday, November 20 at 6 p.m. (GMT+1) on weekdays and 4 p.m. (GMT+1) on weekends, the Festival of Miracles will be streamed live on Healing Streams TV and the Healing School Mobile App. This is a joyous program in thanks and honor to God for the wondrous miracles seen as a result of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris.

Testimonies are still pouring in, and there is room for more. You can share your testimony here: healingstreams.tv/share-testimony.php.

The atmosphere of miracles continues as the streams of healing will never stop flowing! What a memorable grand finale!


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