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Pastor Miguel Angel Pavon from Iglesia de Dios in Argentina is a passionate minister of the Gospel. He attended the Healing School Autumn Session 2018 through the platform of the Ministers’ Visitation Program and as a result, had the privilege to participate in the healing service. At the Healing School, he witnessed God’s Word come alive as the sick were healed and the oppressed were set free when the man of God ministered to them.

Having traveled all the way from Germany for the program, his expectations were far exceeded and he was mightily blessed by the Healing School experience. This extraordinary experience transformed his life and ministry, causing a shift into a greater dimension of grace and a higher level of operation and impact. Awed by this demonstration of God’s grace and lovingkindness, he resolved to spread the same message he received to nations of the world.

In pursuit of his passion to do more with the Gospel, Pastor Miguel strategically mobilized other ministers from different parts of the world for several outreaches, through which he has reached lots of people with the Gospel and inspired them with the message of divine healing that he received at the Healing School.

Using materials such as the Healing School Magazine and healing testimony videos, he won souls and ministered healing to people on the streets and in hospitals in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His evangelical efforts have brought about change and improvement in the lives of members of his ministry and beyond. “It’s indeed a delight to impact lives and bring hope to many as we have joined forces with the Healing School to spread love, hope, and joy to the nations of the world. We are grateful to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for inspiring us to do the supernatural,” Pastor Miguel enthused.

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